Friday, 15 September 2017



It's official to say, that you can now congratulate me for surviving second week of Uni. OK, just kidding, actually it is not so difficult yet and I could say I enjoy going there and learning things that I've never learnt before. The students and teachers are super cool and there is no such pressure that we had in high school... I love it!

But one big big minus for me is... there is no way to park near school. And as I live out of the city, it is difficult for me to travel by bus when the school is on the other side of the city. So I have to park quite far from school and walk about 15 minutes to reach my destination. Fortunately I have my super comfy ECCO SOFT 1 sneakers and I have been wearing them literally every day to school. 

The main reason why I got these, are their soles - super soft and comfy that makes every distance walkable (usually my feet start to hurt easily when walking). 
To be honest they remind me a bit of a bowling shoes, but in my opinion this makes them unique and thanks to them my feet look visibly smaller. 

I had a dilemma while picking the color of the shoes. I liked the black ones as they were so neutral and would have made every look simple yet beautiful. But red... these caught my eye immediately when I first saw them. I was afraid at first, that they would just stand on the shelves and I wouldn't be able to match them with my clothing, but surprise-surprise, they matched with absolutely every item from my wardrobe :)

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