Sunday, 27 August 2017

New Lushorious Store in Ülemiste

 This Friday I was invited to Lush store opening in Ülemiste and I decided to tell you a little bit about that day.

I arrvied at the shopping mall and started searching for the Lush shop. Ülemiste is big, so everytime it takes me a lot of time to find the specific store I need. With Lush it was much easier because of the delicious smells of their products, that led straight to the door.

The store was full of nice people and good music. The organizers gave us a small tour where they presented their new products to us. 

The shops decor reminded me a little bit of a bathroom: wooden shelves, tile pieces around the mirrors etc. One big thumbs up to the person who created this.

At the end we got ourselves some presents, so stay tuned for another blog post about Lush products! :)


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