Friday, 25 August 2017


You curl.
You apply.
They become straight again..

Sounds familiar?

Then better scroll down to find the solution for that.

I love curled lashes, but unfortunately I am the "lucky" one, whose lashes are straight  ... All my life I've had a struggle curling them because every time I curl, apply mascara, they get back to their normal position. This made me angry every time I did my makeup.

Finally I discovered my own way to wear mascara on my lashes, so they don't get straight once I apply it. AND Lancôme Monsieur Big helps me with it. It's fluffy brush gives my lashes a lot of volume and doesn't let them stick to each other.

Usually I've always applied mascara all over my lashes, like all beauty gurus show us on Youtube. It never looked good on me. Never.
Now, instead wearing it all over my lashes I put it only on the ends. That way, curled roots stay curled and the ends become straight and it makes eyes look wide open.

To create the illusion of full eyelashes near roots I like to apply eyeliner or eye pencil on top wet-line. I tried using Lancôme  Eyeliner that way and it looked stunning!

Photos by Photography by Karolin Käärik
Edited by Me


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