Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Hello, hello ❤

For today's post I decided to make part II of my "ALMOST EVERY DAY MORNING RITUALS" post, but instead of morning  I am going to show you my PM rituals.

So, as I get home from school/work, I love to have some black tea. Unfortunately I can't drink green tea because the capillaries are too close to my skin and green tea makes them come out more even, and my face becomes fully red. That is why I drink only black tea.

While drinking the tea I like to write in my Hetk Iseendale notebook. It keeps me calm and super motivated every single day. It also has a lot of motivating quotes in it and few of them changed my outlook on life.

Now a bit about my beauty rituals. 

Every evening after I wash off all of my makeup, I love to brew chamomile, cool it down and use it as a natural toner. It makes my skin feel super soft and silky.

I like to finish all my procedures with applying SELF TANNING NIGHT MOISTURE MASK by Vita Liberata on my face and leave it overnight so it could give my that slightly tanned look.


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