Friday, 30 June 2017


 Oh my god ladies!

I have just discovered my new favorite Dove shower gel and deodorant line!!!

First, when I got the bag of Dove goodies I could smell some tutti frutti, but actually it was Dove PEAR and ALOE shower gel and three different deodorants.

I am a person, who doesn't like deodorants with a smell, because when I get sweaty throughout the day then usually the good scent turns into an unpleasant smell.

BUT this thing changed my opinion about antiperspirants that have a scent. I apply it in the morning, head over  to work and  after 11 hours I get home and I can still smell the pear. 

The spray deodorant has more of a strong and sweet smell. It reminds me of pear with vanilla instead of pear with aloe.

Everyday I feel like I am in some candy factory surrounded by tutti frutti mountains! 


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