Friday, 2 June 2017


Hello hello my loves!

It is time to share some of my almost every day morning rituals with you. I am not  a person, who keeps up with some routines or rituals, but if they are connected with beauty and health, and if they really work, then I get addicted (in a good way) and keep doing them.

So lets start from the beginning. 

In the morning, when I wake up I immediately drink water with activated charcoal.
I do it so: 
⭐ fill up half of the glass with water
⭐ take two tablets of activated charcoal
⭐ take a piece of tissue and smash these two in it with a spoon
⭐ pour it into the water
⭐ stir it well and drink while it is spinning. Otherwise you will leave the charcoal in the glass and it will be disgusting to drink it.
I actually don't do this every day, I do this twice a week, 30 minutes before breakfast and 8 weeks in a row. This helps to get rid of the toxins from my body. And as we all know, toxins are the reason why we have bad skin, headaches, diarrhea etc.
Also I have to mention that thanks to this activated charcoal routine I have much less pimples. 
PS. I changed my skincare routine lately, so thumbs up if you want me to do a post about my new skincare routine😜

 Next, my everyday MUST is nourishing my body with a body lotion. 

Maybe you have seen my Instagram post (if not then check it out HERE😜), where I told you that I accidentally bought bronzing body lotion for very cheap and I was surprised by the result and how it made my skin feel, so now it became my every day ritual.
But of course, if we talk about the bronzing effect or fake tanning, then nothing can beat my Vita Liberata Self Tanning Mousse :)

Okaydokey, lets move on and talk about my pre-makeup ritual. Actually this is the main reason I am making this post, because I am so excited to share info about my favorite teeth whitening kit that I am obsessed with!!!!
Let me introduce you to InSmile Teeth Whitening Kit that makes my smile beautiful. I love that it doesn't give that fake teeth effect and on my teeth it looks super natural and woah I just love it!

I usually apply the product before I start my makeup. It takes about 20 minutes to whiten. This is the exact amount of time I waste on my makeup, so I like to do two things at the same time :)

First I prepare my teeth for whitening. That means I brush my teeth very gently and make my teeth dry with a paper tissue.
Next I place the cap (while it's still inside the plastic container) under a light or sunlight so it can absorb it and later activate the teeth whitening liquids.

I wait for 5 minutes, take the cap out of it's container, put a super thin layer of "whitening" gel in it and then take "prepare" blueish liquid and apply it on every tooth. 
When the blueish liquid is on I place the cap in my mouth, press it against my teeth and wait for 20 minutes.

When 20 minutes have passed I go and rinse my cap and mouth with cold water.
Voila, my teeth are white and clean :)

PS. There will be a -15% discount on all InSmile products on the website from 07.06 till 27.06. This is the perfect opportunity to get yourself an affordable white smile!

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