Saturday, 3 June 2017


Ciao bellas!

What an exciting week it was! I had an opportunity to participate in Parfois birthday "party". Isn't that cool, huh?I was so happy when I got the invitation.

For those of you, who don't know what Parfois is... let me tell you.
Parfois is an women's handbag and fashion accessory brand, that was  founded in Oporto,Portugal by an amazing woman - Manuela Medeiros in 1994.

In this store, you can find anything you need. For example if you need a big handbag and your friend needs a small clutch bag, then Parfois is the place to go. I love that they have accessories for minimalists and for the people who like bright colours. I even saw few handbags in Boho style that are perfect for Coachella!

So the birthday party was amazing. The room was full of creative people and the atmosphere was so relaxing. They offered us some non-alcoholic drinks with some super tasty snacks and good music.

In conclusion... I was more than happy to be there! :)

Photo by Meisi Volt

Photo by Meisi Volt

Photo by Meisi Volt

Photo by Meisi Volt


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