Friday, 12 May 2017


Good evening my beauties!
Today I am back with another beauty blog post about my lips. I really want to share with you my tip how I make my lips look fuller. So if you try this out, please let me know if it worked on you! :)

I've always liked big and full lips, but it was so hard to find the right way that would perfectly go with my lips. I've tried "Fullips" lip enhancer thing, DIY scrubs with cinnamon and peppermint extract, which recipes are all over the internet right now. But none of these worked for me. "Fullips" lip enhancers effect lasted about 10-15 minutes (I've always wondered how does it stay on for others for so long?). The DIY scrub didn't give any effect, just made my lips irritated and red. So I gave up!

One day, when I was getting ready to go to the city, I applied my favorite liquid lipstick and something went wrong in my cupid's bow area. And I tried to correct it, so as a result I overlined JUST this area and it looked amazing!!! After that, it became my favorite way of making my lips look fuller.

Now I will tell (and show a bit) how I achieve the full lip effect with only a liquid lipstick.

So first of all, I make sure that my LIPS ARE SOFT and WITHOUT DRY PATCHES! For that I make oil and a bit of sugar, mix it together and gently scrub my lips with it. Or if I am too lazy to make the scrub I take my toothbrush and lightly "brush my lips" with it.

When the dry patches are eliminated from my lips, I use EVELINE lip moisturizer which contains Argan Oil, to make my lips smooth and soft.

As you can see I have a pretty sharp upper lip, so when I apply lipstick by the shape of my lips, they look a bit small, so I prefer to overline THIS part.


Next I take the lipstick I am in the mood for wearing and start applying it. 

Before ovelining I fill in all of the lips and shape them by my lip shape. When my lips are filled in I overline the area that is shown in the picture nr 3.

As I love matte finish, I press a piece of  tissue against the lips to take off the unnecessary amount of lipstick. 
Aaand voila, my lips look slightly fuller. :)

I really hope this blog post was helpful,and if you try it out I would really like to hear how it worked for you!


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