Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Here I am... sitting in front of my computer and thinking where to start, because I am speechless. The words are stuck in my mouth and just don't want to come out after seeing and FEELING a new pair of ECCO COOL 2.0 kicks.

I am immensely delighted to have one pair of these in my shoedrobe. The protection they give me, when I walk through a puddle or "tumble" in the snow like the happiest child in the World, keeps me warm and dry.

I have worn these kicks with absolutely everything. With classy trousers with a classy jacket - perfect! With sweatpants with an oversized hoodie - excellent! With an elegant black pencil skirt with a thick-textured shirt - posh!
But this time, I went for something playful yet cute to bring a little bit of color in this dreary, grey and rainy day!

Aaand I made a short video, but I have to say I am not a professional, haha. You don't want to know how many different places I edited this video in, sooo that is why the quality is not the best. So don't judge 😄 And sorry for the shaking hands!!!!
PS. This video was made just to show off my new kicks!

ECCO COOL 2.0 from Paulyne Bakajeva on Vimeo.
© Paulyne B. All rights reserved.
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