Wednesday, 22 February 2017


I am a lover of big and massive purses, where I can fit all of my stuff from credit cards to bills (yes, I collect bills, haha). But the struggle begins, when I try to fit the purse into my tiny handbag. I am more than 100% sure that most of you have experienced that.

But now, let me introduce you this luxurious pink-violet leather cardholder from MyVertige. When I popped into it, I breathed out with a relief. MY BIG PURSE PROBLEM WAS SOLVED! I couldn't be more happier about it.

The cardholder looks so fabulous and elegant. It is made from the best leathers from one of the finest tanneries in Europe. The color I chose matches my dark purple bag perfectly! It fits absolutely everywhere: tiny handbag, jacket or pants pockets, and it's capacity is unbelievable. It has only three sections, but it can fit much more than three cards. Isn't that thing amazing?

So here is my advice to all of you, who are struggling with the same problem as I did... stop assaulting your tiny bag with your huge purse that doesn't want to fit in. Better get yourself a fancy cardholder in your favorite color, and live without any struggle!


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