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I haven't abandoned you, I promise.. I just didn't have time to open my laptop. I took a week off due to school and lack of energy. I have a ton of content to go up so stay tuned to the weeks ahead!

Everyday my love to beauty increases. Every day I learn, discover and experiment something new in the beauty world. But it's always so hard to find something, that really intrigues me and stays with me for a very long time. 

My skincare and makeup routines have simplified due to very sensitive skin. If I apply something, that is not suitable for my skin (from face cleanser to setting powder), I get a lot of pimples and red spots all over my face immediately. That's why I cut out a lot of beauty and makeup products I used before. 

Anyways, in this post I wanted to share my top 5 beauty essentials, that I and my face (and hands) can't live without.

Before you start... I made this post in a collaboration with an amazing fashion and beauty blogger from London, Agija Vizule. Check her blog post HERE!


This was love from the first sight! Before this moisturizer I've tried out so many, but I couldn't find the right one for my face. Believe me or not, this small canister can last forever because the amount of cream you need to use for face is extremely small. That's amazing, isn't it?

As I have combination skin type, T-zone is always oily and the remaining areas of the face are awfully dry, I am using Regenerate Me face cream (they have creams for every skin type!). Due to its bioactive complex with rose hip, it helps reduce scarring and promote skin regeneration. That's what I needed, as my face is full of pimple scars.

I use it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening after washing my face. 

NYX Lingerie Honeymoon Liquid Lipstick has become one of my favorites by cause of leaving my dark brown Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in India. I wanted something similar to that, so I chose NYX liquid lipstick in Honeymoon color. I love the texture of it and that it stays on very long. The applicator is very comfortable and it's easy to apply.

Ahh, Guerlain mascara! The best mascara I've ever used. Not very dry nor wet. That's just what my lashes need. I have super straight lashes and the only things that help me make them look beautiful are lash curlers and NON WET mascara. All mascaras that I've used before were too wet or the opposite - too dry. But Guerlain Cils D'enfer volume creating and curl sculpting mascara is just right one. So if you have the same problem as me with lashes, I highly recommend you this one! 🠷

The highlighting trend has been poppin for a minute now, so I decided to get one for myself as well. This Faces Ultime Pro Illuminating Powder I bought from India. They have that big beauty store in a big shopping mall, where you can get anything you need. As I ran out of money that time, I had to look for the cheapest one. So I found this... and decided to test it out. But woah, I didn't expect it to be that pigmented and long lasting! I use it almost every time i wear makeup. I got too used to it, so I can't go out without the highlighter on my face.

This body cream was my first beauty purchase from Victoria's Secret. This is a winter must-have body lotion. Its texture is very oily and thick so it can protect skin from cold very well. 


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