Friday, 3 February 2017


I guess You've probably heard the expression, "It's all about the details" - especially in fashion. And nowadays, as the fashion is going towards minimalism, accessories play a larger role in styling. They are now very essential for polishing, perfecting and personalizing a look.

I've always liked light and pastel colors and usually I subconsciously choose clothes or jewelry in lighter and soft-hued colors instead of dark colors. They make my mood better and match my soul
That's why I selected a butterfly tie from KUMA Design in a very light and gentle pink tone. I can honestly tell you that I am in L💗VE...

KUMA Õrnus Butterfly Tie

The feelings and emotions the butterfly tie is giving me every time I wear it are ineffable. It gives me confidence and knowing that I  look good.
The butterfly is hand-made out of leather under Estonian leather masters control. As you can see on the picture, there are tiny sparkling Swarovski crystals on it, isn't that amazing?

In this outfit I was wearing the butterfly as a tie, but it has soooo many different ways to wear it:
  • As a butterfly tie
  • As brooch on the chest
  • As a hair accessory
  • In home decor

Oh and I just have to tell you about my second favorite, peaches-and-cream colored KUMA Härmatis Butterfly Tie. Click on the link to see the picture,isn't It stunning? 

This post is in sponsored collaboration with KUMA Design.


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  1. Very romantic and comfy look! I like how you styled it!

    Check out my blog ;)


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