Sunday, 5 February 2017


Ever have that feeling that the time just slips away at your fingertips? January was one of those for me.

Between school and working on my blog - it has me thinking how can Valentine's Day be so close??? New Year's Eve feels like it was last week.

Anyways, with Valentine's Day just around the corner, I've been feeling very classy in more ways than none. As we all know Valentine's Day colors are mostly red, pink and white, I decided to add beige and grey to my "Valentine's Day palette". 

White-red-beige-black straight-cut coat is one of my favorites. Unfortunately I only once had the opportunity to feel the pleasure of wearing it outside the house, as the weather was not very perfect to wear it.

Well, I am not so sure what I enjoyed wearing more, the straight-cut coat, collar light brown dress or over the knee boots, but together they fit my cravings for something classy and fancy!

Oh these huge shades! Couldn't be more happy with the purchase. I know, they really don't fit my face that well, but the weirder it looks, the more fashionable it is! 😉

Coat from ZARA
Over the knee boots from SALAMANDER
Collar dress from MOHITO
Shades from RESERVED



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