Tuesday, 30 May 2017


This week has been crazy!!! There hasn't been any free time at all for me during these three days. There is always something to do and somewhere to run.

Anyways, sometimes it happens, when I just cannot see what colors go together. Combining colors is a skill, but sometimes this skill just "stops working". So when this happens, I come to the easiest way of looking fabulous without any effort - wearing all black everything, but with a little accent!

When it comes to wearing "all black everything", I like to put some accent on accessories or shoes. In that occasion I put the accent on shoes. These pink-moss-beige heels I bought in summer from ZARA, only for 16 eur. Despite this they are max comfortable and I could wear them all day!

Only now came into my mind, that almost the whole outfit is from ZARA, except from the jeans. I bought this black soft and silky T-Shirt just before my flight to India. The idea was to wear it with my favorite black pencil skirt, but voila, it goes with everything.

The funny story is, that the jacket you see on me is also from ZARA, but ... it was my work uniform. Yes, you get it right, my work uniform. I thought of keeping it, just in case, if I ever need a black jacket for some occasion and here I am, wearing this baby today.

Jacket from ZARA
T-Shirt from ZARA
Jeans from BERSHKA
Shoes from ZARA

Have an amazing day, my loves! 💘



  1. Gorgeous look! Totally in love with the shoes

    Xxx, Eva

    1. Thank you, dear! Love your blog as well <3

  2. Great styling
    You look at the sensational


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