Sunday, 28 February 2016


Well, I woke up surprisingly late today, haha. Maybe it's because of the late night conversations, huh? I guess  I should get myself together and stop being up all night.
Had a great start of the day by making chocolate muffins for breakfast. The last time I ate them was about 6 months ago?? So today, after such a long time of not eating muffins, I ate too much that I feel sooo sick right now. :S

A little bit of fresh air is good for your health, so me and my mom decided to take a walk. As all of you know, I hate winter, but the last 3 days were so stunning that I couldn't leave my camera at home. These pictures don't even need a filter. 

Aand for the rest of the day I'll be busy  doing my research. There's only one month left for me to finish it... I hope I  will be in time. WISH ME LUCK!



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