Wednesday, 18 March 2015


I'm a lucky person because I have quite thick and dark eyebrows. But in order to look clean and beautiful I frequently have to pluck them and actually that's not so easy. I use Threading technique, for me it's the easiest and less painful way to correct my eyebrows.

Things that I use:

Yes, for my eyebrows this brush is better (eyelash brush).

For hair that are very close to the brow, I pluck with tweezers. Then there's no risk to ruin the eyebrow shape.
And a thread for "Threading" technique.

Here's a tutorial:

My eyebrows before and after correction


TIP: If your skin is sensitive and you know that eyebrow-plucking is too painful for you  then before you start, take one ice cube and put it on the area you're going to correct :)
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