Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Good evening!! Now I sit on the couch, drink hot cocoa and relax after a long and quite hard day. There's always a lot of homework to do aghh... already looking forward to graduate from high school haha... but no, not so fast, there are still  2.5 years that I have to cope with.. sooo wish me luck. I'm waiting for the time when I can wake up in the morning, do my things without being in a rush, go to the gym early in the morning when the sun begins to rise .... that would be perfect life for me.

Quickly looked through my phone and found a loooot of photos to post here.

Milan - missing it so muchhh
A la soldiers
Actually my fave jeans to wear on the picture :D 

VS addicted

Beautiful park in Milan 

Max&Co. fashion show

"Luxurious" breakfast made by me, haha

BTS of Indian photoshoot in YRM Agency


A cup of coffee with mommy

Just do it!

Haha, girls, isn't that true????


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