Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Every time I put these jeans on, it reminds me of Milan (cause I bought them there, haha)...castings, people, model life, beautiful places and compliments that I got from local people. Yes, that's true HAHA... one day we went out to get some sushi with Elise (a girl who I went there with) and I was wearing my fav summer high heels and one hot, I emphasize HOT guy stopped in front of me to say I have really beautiful face and figure haha... so funny to remind that. A loooooot of funny things happened to us on this trip... for example when we arrived in Frankfurt, we walked through the airport and both of us were surfing on the internet (it was the only place where the internet existed while travelling from Estonia to Italy). So we were so stuck in our phones that we accidentally walked out the airport... thas means, that we had to go through the face control AGAIN and we had only 1 hour till our plane took off. It was extremely tense situation actually.
I also liked to go out with friends at night to watch football on the streets and visit kebab bars at 1 o'clock at night where kebab costs only 1.50eur !!!!
The thing I hate the most are these Africans who share armbands "for free".. aaaghhh... the guy put one band on my shoulder, but I took it off  and dropped on the ground. But  NO, not so fast... he took it up grabbed my hand hard, tied it around my wrist, that I couldn't take it off without using scissors, and asked me if I had money ... I said that I can give only 1 eur, but when I opened my wallet he saw that I had 5 eur in there, he tried to take it away from me and guess what I did... yes, I ran away quickly and after that I never visited Duomo on my own.

So about that picture...  2 months ago I promised myself that I will lose weight that I would fit in these jeans and voilaaa... I did it! 


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