Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Last two weeks I was intensely concentrated on my ab & leg workout. Today, as I have a free day, I made a short video of which ab & leg exercises I'm doing  (of course there are some more)...
I call it NO EQUIPMENT ABS & LEG WORKOUT! Perform 20 reps each exercise for a total of 5 sets!

I'm very sorry for the poor quality.. better video you can see on my instagram: @paulyne_bkj :)


Monday, 23 February 2015


Started my beautiful day with little ab & leg workout and straight after that I improvised and made extremely tasty smoothie. It's actually the best smoothie I've ever made/tried 


  • 1 pear
  • handful of frozen raspberries
  • handful of frozen strawberries
  • a little bit of sugar
  • vanilla ice-cream


Sunday, 22 February 2015

Saturday, 21 February 2015


I'm happy to introduce you my NEW makeup products. Finally, I bought a BB Cream for my skin tone (medium). In my first "Beauty" post, you can see the same BB Cream and also with "MEDIUM" on it, but actually it is light. So I found a bit of time, went to city centre and bought my baby.
Also in LOVE with my waterproof red Lip Colour Stick by BYS 


Thursday, 19 February 2015


Hello! Today I'm in a good mood. The weather is awful (fortunately not very cold), so I decided to add some bright colors, which remind me of  summer. The jacket and dress are both from H&M. The dress I bought specially for a trip to Milan, but I haven't worn it as a dress... always, when I put it on, I wore it like a shirt...

And for a breakfast I had my fave and healthy sandwiches 
And a piece of homemade cake :D



Yesterday I had a new experience in a modelling industry... I organised a photoshoot by myself in YesRightSudios and the final result we'll all see in next posts. Win, looking forward to it!!
Stay tuned!!


Sunday, 15 February 2015


I've thought about it a lot and came to the decision to share with you my snapchat: paulyneb1.

Aaaaand today's outfit  ♥



In your own room, you have to feel yourself good and comfy, but for that you have to make  an effort. So I came to one amazing idea.. I printed some photos from blog and tomorrow I'm going to hang them on my wall. I just ADORE this.

                                              What do you think about it? :)


This Thursday, me, Grete, Eneli and Kristin found some time after school and visited Von Krahl Theatre.. me and Grete went straight after school in the town and had lunch at my fav cafe (Bonaparte-Bistroo), they're making the best Caesar salad and Napoleon cake. Next we walked through old town and stopped at view platform to take some pictures. When we were cold we headed to the Von Krahl Theatre. Had a lot of fun with my girls!!

These gigant 20 euros I got from an actor while performance.. he said he wants to buy my shoe haha :)


Friday, 13 February 2015


New photoshoot is coming.. this Wednesday on 18.02.2015 !!!!! Want to thank my cousin for this classy black dress and my best friend for my second "princess" dress (this dress is special so I'll keep it's look in secret) :)


Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Every time I put these jeans on, it reminds me of Milan (cause I bought them there, haha)...castings, people, model life, beautiful places and compliments that I got from local people. Yes, that's true HAHA... one day we went out to get some sushi with Elise (a girl who I went there with) and I was wearing my fav summer high heels and one hot, I emphasize HOT guy stopped in front of me to say I have really beautiful face and figure haha... so funny to remind that. A loooooot of funny things happened to us on this trip... for example when we arrived in Frankfurt, we walked through the airport and both of us were surfing on the internet (it was the only place where the internet existed while travelling from Estonia to Italy). So we were so stuck in our phones that we accidentally walked out the airport... thas means, that we had to go through the face control AGAIN and we had only 1 hour till our plane took off. It was extremely tense situation actually.
I also liked to go out with friends at night to watch football on the streets and visit kebab bars at 1 o'clock at night where kebab costs only 1.50eur !!!!
The thing I hate the most are these Africans who share armbands "for free".. aaaghhh... the guy put one band on my shoulder, but I took it off  and dropped on the ground. But  NO, not so fast... he took it up grabbed my hand hard, tied it around my wrist, that I couldn't take it off without using scissors, and asked me if I had money ... I said that I can give only 1 eur, but when I opened my wallet he saw that I had 5 eur in there, he tried to take it away from me and guess what I did... yes, I ran away quickly and after that I never visited Duomo on my own.

So about that picture...  2 months ago I promised myself that I will lose weight that I would fit in these jeans and voilaaa... I did it! 

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