Sunday, 25 January 2015

Teamwork with my dream team

About a month ago, I had one of my favorite photoshoots with my dream team. We had so much fun and the result is absolutely AWESOME (pictures are down below). My stylist was beautiful Annika Vokksepp, she's also Estonian blogger, who talks about her everyday life, activities and DIY's that she's making. Her blog you can find -->HERE<--. The dress and unusual "hat" that I was wearing is full handmade. Photos were taken by my favorite photographer Anete Palmik. She's doing her work perfectly and the results are always incredible. Her works you can check -->HERE<--.

If you think that model life is so easy, that all you have to do is to stand in from of the camera and make some poses and that's all, then you are absolutely wrong. There are lots of situations, when you have to suffer coldness while wearing thin clothes or the other way round. For example, this photoshoot was taken in the studio that is actually in repairing. And imagine that outside is -15 degrees, the cold is coming inside through window gaps and you have to be in a thin dress... i was shivering from the cold and it was quite hard to concentrate on shooting, but it was absolutely worth it!!!!

So here are some behind the scene and after editing photos, enjoy! :)


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  1. Awwww! :) Sa said suurepäraselt hakkama selle külmaga! Piltidelt ei paista mitte midagi välja ja see näitab professionaalsust! :)


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