Wednesday, 28 January 2015

take your shoes on and just do it!

In this post, I'll try to create motivation for those, who are too lazy to exercise and tell my gym training routine.
Gym is like my second home right now cause I have gained some weight for last 2-3 months. Right now I'm trying to make my legs lean and stomach flat. Maybe you know that models are not allowed to have muscular body so about weight-lifting, squats and other exercises that are connected with weight I had to forget...
First of all, before exercising I prepare my muscles for running long distance and stretching (basically that's all I do). When I feel that I'm ready I go on a treadmill and run about 40 minutes (speed 7.5-8.0). It's also necessary to drink water while running... After 40 min run, I do leg stretching: leg calves, tights, inner tights etc. If you don't know stretching exercises or moves then download stretching programs on your phone ("Stretch Fitness"; "Stretching & Warm Up Exercises" etc.).
For a flat stomach, I use a mat and 2 dumbbells (2kg) and do this exercise:

When I finish abs workout I step on a treadmill again and walk about 20 minutes (speed 6.0).
And that's it... quite easy but effective "fitness" plan. :)


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