Friday, 15 September 2017



It's official to say, that you can now congratulate me for surviving second week of Uni. OK, just kidding, actually it is not so difficult yet and I could say I enjoy going there and learning things that I've never learnt before. The students and teachers are super cool and there is no such pressure that we had in high school... I love it!

But one big big minus for me is... there is no way to park near school. And as I live out of the city, it is difficult for me to travel by bus when the school is on the other side of the city. So I have to park quite far from school and walk about 15 minutes to reach my destination. Fortunately I have my super comfy ECCO SOFT 1 sneakers and I have been wearing them literally every day to school. 

The main reason why I got these, are their soles - super soft and comfy that makes every distance walkable (usually my feet start to hurt easily when walking). 
To be honest they remind me a bit of a bowling shoes, but in my opinion this makes them unique and thanks to them my feet look visibly smaller. 

I had a dilemma while picking the color of the shoes. I liked the black ones as they were so neutral and would have made every look simple yet beautiful. But red... these caught my eye immediately when I first saw them. I was afraid at first, that they would just stand on the shelves and I wouldn't be able to match them with my clothing, but surprise-surprise, they matched with absolutely every item from my wardrobe :)


Tuesday, 29 August 2017


I have always wanted to own a pair of Calvin Klein underwear, but without any reason I've never been "ready" to buy it? I don't know what I was thinking. But finally the day came and I got myself this amazing pair or Calvin Klein underwear from Boxers-And-Briefs. The delivery was super fast and oh I am in LOVE!


Sunday, 27 August 2017

New Lushorious Store in Ülemiste

 This Friday I was invited to Lush store opening in Ülemiste and I decided to tell you a little bit about that day.

I arrvied at the shopping mall and started searching for the Lush shop. Ülemiste is big, so everytime it takes me a lot of time to find the specific store I need. With Lush it was much easier because of the delicious smells of their products, that led straight to the door.

The store was full of nice people and good music. The organizers gave us a small tour where they presented their new products to us. 

The shops decor reminded me a little bit of a bathroom: wooden shelves, tile pieces around the mirrors etc. One big thumbs up to the person who created this.

At the end we got ourselves some presents, so stay tuned for another blog post about Lush products! :)


Friday, 25 August 2017


You curl.
You apply.
They become straight again..

Sounds familiar?

Then better scroll down to find the solution for that.

I love curled lashes, but unfortunately I am the "lucky" one, whose lashes are straight  ... All my life I've had a struggle curling them because every time I curl, apply mascara, they get back to their normal position. This made me angry every time I did my makeup.

Finally I discovered my own way to wear mascara on my lashes, so they don't get straight once I apply it. AND Lancôme Monsieur Big helps me with it. It's fluffy brush gives my lashes a lot of volume and doesn't let them stick to each other.

Usually I've always applied mascara all over my lashes, like all beauty gurus show us on Youtube. It never looked good on me. Never.
Now, instead wearing it all over my lashes I put it only on the ends. That way, curled roots stay curled and the ends become straight and it makes eyes look wide open.

To create the illusion of full eyelashes near roots I like to apply eyeliner or eye pencil on top wet-line. I tried using Lancôme  Eyeliner that way and it looked stunning!

Photos by Photography by Karolin Käärik
Edited by Me


Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Hello, hello ❤

For today's post I decided to make part II of my "ALMOST EVERY DAY MORNING RITUALS" post, but instead of morning  I am going to show you my PM rituals.

So, as I get home from school/work, I love to have some black tea. Unfortunately I can't drink green tea because the capillaries are too close to my skin and green tea makes them come out more even, and my face becomes fully red. That is why I drink only black tea.

While drinking the tea I like to write in my Hetk Iseendale notebook. It keeps me calm and super motivated every single day. It also has a lot of motivating quotes in it and few of them changed my outlook on life.

Now a bit about my beauty rituals. 

Every evening after I wash off all of my makeup, I love to brew chamomile, cool it down and use it as a natural toner. It makes my skin feel super soft and silky.

I like to finish all my procedures with applying SELF TANNING NIGHT MOISTURE MASK by Vita Liberata on my face and leave it overnight so it could give my that slightly tanned look.


Friday, 30 June 2017


 Oh my god ladies!

I have just discovered my new favorite Dove shower gel and deodorant line!!!

First, when I got the bag of Dove goodies I could smell some tutti frutti, but actually it was Dove PEAR and ALOE shower gel and three different deodorants.

I am a person, who doesn't like deodorants with a smell, because when I get sweaty throughout the day then usually the good scent turns into an unpleasant smell.

BUT this thing changed my opinion about antiperspirants that have a scent. I apply it in the morning, head over  to work and  after 11 hours I get home and I can still smell the pear. 

The spray deodorant has more of a strong and sweet smell. It reminds me of pear with vanilla instead of pear with aloe.

Everyday I feel like I am in some candy factory surrounded by tutti frutti mountains! 


Tuesday, 27 June 2017


This is what I call comfort!

This is my most loved place at home, where I can write my blog, read a book, watch a movie and no one will disturb me. And it also looks so cute inside out. 

Anyways today I am here to show you my laptop after a small transformation. 
Recently I got this amazing black marble sticker on my laptop. It protects my laptop from scratches and gives it a beautiful look.

Personally I recommend it to everyone, who has a MacBook because its surface is very smooth, so the scratches are more visible and Katvos stickers would prevent scratches on the laptop.

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